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The E-Comm Assistant

Missed Date- Rescheduling Fee

Missed Date- Rescheduling Fee

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Per the service contract: 

All services and fees are non-refundable. Once my services are scheduled my tasks and payment are locked in. If I do not provide 72 hours notice to reschedule my scope of work I will forfeit the payment made. Since The E-Comm Assistant operates on a scheduled service plan I understand that not being prepared for my scheduled date means that they were unable to schedule another paying client for a future time slot, now required to reschedule your service. If I do not provide all required and requested items to complete my tasks as scheduled or if I do not respond to emails/messages before my scheduled date then I will take responsibility for missing my service appointment and will not be refunded for the missed service. In order to reschedule a missed service I will need to pay for the service again prior to completion or a rescheduling fee based on my service in order to reschedule in the next available time block.

By paying an invoice or service fee you agree to this policy. 

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